Since Thanksgiving, the cryptocurrency madness has infiltrated nearly all minds of everyone around me. I thought it was crazy before but now it is complete insanity. It used to be just about Bitcoin (BTC), then everyone started talking about Litecoin (LTC) and Ether(ETH). Now it's about every alternative coin out there in the world. Everyone is talking about 5x and 10x returns. People literally laugh at 30% returns. It is madness. But it should be expected.

The Crytocurrency ICO Bubble

It seems like everyone and their grandmas have gotten into crytocurrency and blockchain recently. It seems like I can't escape the conversation mainly because most people know that I am a self professed tech nerd. I've talk about crytocurrency on dates, parties, weddings, and every other digital form of communication. It is not a big deal that I'm talking about these topics at these places but it's a big deal only because I'm talking about this with people who have no idea what blockchain or crytocurrency really is.