The Greatest Change to Work is Coming

Automation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology will change what we know as work forever. Millions of jobs will be lost. Millions of jobs will also be created. Some types of jobs will not exist anymore while many other new types of jobs will be invented. But everything will change in the next 5-10 years. The greatest challenges that our economy will face will be how do we retrain everyone into these new jobs.

A Morning with Artificial Intelligence

At 7:15AM your bed sways and the windows open to let in the light of the day. You are gently awakened by your room. Siri knows that you prefer a gentle nudge to wake up as opposed to the loud intrusive awakening that your spouses favors who left over an hour ago. Siri knows that you have a morning meeting at 9AM and it will take you forty-five minutes to get ready with a thirty minute commute. Getting into the shower, the water temperature is perfect because the shower knows your preferences and it will adjust based on the weather.