30 Day Challenge

What I Learned From My 30 Day Writing Challenge

I failed again with another 30 day challenge. I only ended up writing twenty two post; eight short of my goal of thirty. My initial idea was just write everyday. Mostly something short and simple but in the end, I really wanted to write some longer more in depth pieces. Some of them were pretty good but others left a bit to be desired. I wrote about artificial intelligence, Amazon, happiness, expectations and so many other topics. I spent an hour on some of them and spent almost five hours on others. Some just came out of my head but others took hours of reading, research and thought.

Conclusions from the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Last month, my 30 day challenge was to get abs. Most of my life, I have always been pretty active and I would say fairly fit but I never had defined abs let alone the infamous six pack. I thought it would be a fun physical challenge since most of my challenges are not physical in nature. I did a lot of sit up in my life but never really focused on it for the aesthetic aspects. For the past few years, I did not do much core work outs and did not lift as much as before. Most of my workouts consisted of running, swimming, basketball and yoga. Weights and abs were more of an after thought.

Half Way Through the 30 Day Writing Challenge

First of all, I am way behind. This is my eighth post of the month which puts me now at six post behind. Good news, I have written more this month than the previous ten months put together which is good but not quite a big achievement considering how little that I have written. But I am learning a lot during this process. Not just about writing but also about my place as a writer and teacher. I find that I have to constantly question the clarity and concreteness of my ideas and thoughts.

30 Day Challenges

I have been following Matt Cutts for a while when I was doing a lot of SEO work since he was the SEO czar at Google. Since then, he's gone on to help the government at the US Digital Service team. One thing that I loved following were the 30 day challenges where he would challenged himself to do something new or learn something or simply to remove a bad habit. I have done a couple challenges like my unofficially 30 day social media detox.