Your Most Precious Possession

The most precious thing you have in life is your life. It may seem very obvious but most people don’t live their lives like it is theirs. I am not talking about your health. I am talking about the fact that you exist and you have this magical ability to control where life takes you.

Unfortunately some people live as if they don't have any control of their own life. They are living life for someone else. They are living for society. They are living for their parents. They are living for the sake of status. They are living for capitalism. They are living for some ideal created by Madison Avenue. They are just chasing a ghost. They are living someone's life even though that life is theirs and belongs to no one else. It is the only thing in life that you really have. Stop taking your own life for granted. Stop living life like it belongs to someone else. It is yours. Your most precious possession.