Why Your Wants Makes You Ungrateful

It is going to be holiday season. The first question that we ask each other is what we want for Christmas. Christmas was once only about celebrating the birth of Jesus and now has morphed into the epitome of consumerism via the art of mandatory gift giving. This custom oddly started as a way to quell the poor drunks in New York from demanding food and drinks from the wealthy long ago according to The Battle for Christmas.

But I digress, during these times, we are especially focused on our wants and what we do not have. We are eyeing that new iPhone X. We are dreaming about that Tesla 3 that we have been patiently waiting for. We are trying to find an Nintendo Switch to fill those stockings. If we are not thinking about all these new things, we are thinking about what else we are missing in life. Restaurants, vacations, clothes, toys, and the endless amount of stuff that would be nice to have. In the end, our minds are lost in this sea of wants.

What we end up forgetting is what we have in front of us. Our time and energy is used to think of our wants and work toward it. We miss all those events that cannot attend because you have to work to pay for presents. We lose ourselves in the chase of want. Like how was cannot think of two things at once, we cannot want and be grateful. Wanting is the antithesis of being grateful. If want want, then we are not satisfied with what we have now. When our minds are so focused on our wants, we forget what we already have in our lives right in front of us. We forget all the love, things and people around us because our minds are occupied by something else. Sometimes when we forget or neglect people, we lose them and we just end up alone with a bunch of stuff. Instead of wanting, we can use our energy to be grateful and give something even more amazing than material gifts, our time and energy to those we love.