A Morning with Artificial Intelligence

At 7:15AM your bed sways and the windows open to let in the light of the day. You are gently awakened by your room. Siri knows that you prefer a gentle nudge to wake up as opposed to the loud intrusive awakening that your spouses favors who left over an hour ago. Siri knows that you have a morning meeting at 9AM and it will take you forty-five minutes to get ready with a thirty minute commute. Getting into the shower, the water temperature is perfect because the shower knows your preferences and it will adjust based on the weather. Upcoming getting out of the shower, Siri gives you a selection of meals available at work and you tell her you're trying to lose weight. Jokingly, Siri says she's noticed you've gained a few pounds so she will order from Amazon some oatmeal with a bowl of fruit along with tea. As you go to your closet, Siri gives you a set of suggestions based on your schedule for the day. You asked about why she's suggesting that you take an extra jacket and she tells you that you have are a maybe to a happy hour invite on Facebook and it will get cold but Facebook has already inputted that into your calendar because you never say not to David for happy hour. As you walk out toward the kitchen, the television automatically turns onto your favorite morning show. On the screen suddenly, a important email pops up saying that the meeting will be delayed until 9:20AM giving you an extra 20 minutes to relax. Siri asks if you want to delay the car pick up but that will not be necessary.  

The self driving car from Waymo arrives at 8AM along with your breakfast because meal service is a common part of car hailing now. Siri tells you that Waymo is outside. You walk out but Siri tells you that you forgot your Airpods because all the cameras in the house are her eyes. After leaving, Siri locks up and turns off all the lights. Waymo is parked in your drive way with it's doors wide open. Waymo tells you good morning and you will arrive at at 8:30AM. Since your profile is already on Google, Waymo turns on the screen to your favorite morning show. As you enjoy your breakfast, you get a call from your spouse on the screen asking how your sleep was? Sometimes you wonder if it's really your spouse or just an artificial animated graphic because they are so realistic now, you can't tell somedays. So you ask a trick question but your spouse answers correctly so most likely it's not a lazy attempt for your spouse to make up for somehow forgetting your anniversary even though Siri, Google, Facebook, and Amazon reminders were obviously provided. Sometimes there is no solution for human error. You stopped sharing your Amazon wishlist with his AI assistants long ago to make your spouse put in more work. 

Waymo drops you off in front of your office so there is no need to find parking or walk up the stairs. You walk into the elevator and Cortana says good morning then automatically takes you to your floor. Finally you get to your desk and Cortana says hello again. Facial recognition opens your computer screen to reveal your email. Google comes up and prioritizes your email to read because Google has already read it for you. Google tells you that you should response to the vice president of operations first because the issue is a bottle neck and knows that that vice president is a bit more demanding of good response times versus everyone else who based on emotional and behavioral analysis is much more forgiving. Google pre writes your response and read it to you. You press accept along with acceptances for a few other emails because Google already knows how you will respond based on your two decade relationship with Google. It's uncanny how Google knows you now. Cortana reminds you that you have a meeting in five minutes. 

The meeting is in a new location so Siri in your Airpods tells you how to locate it because your Outlook, Google and Apple calendars are synced. The doors automatically opens for you because you're a participant in the meeting. Everyone is there except Matthew who recently had his identity hacked so he is running late. His AI systems need to be reloaded. Having your identity hacked means having to do everything manually as your profile, preferences and access are frozen. For Matthew, it's going back to the old says where you have to remember everything and manually order things like a barbarian. Things just don't go very efficiently when your digital AI assistants goes down. Like most meetings, the company AI systems has already analyzed for optimal results and discussions are merely a formality because the AI is 99.9% correct but there is always some person who is anti-AI who argues that the solution is wrong but more often than not, the AI is right. Sometimes you feel that you have meetings so that people can feel useful still. 

When you walk back to your office, you chat with a single coworker, Tina about some dates that Tinder AI bot, Todd has set up for them. Seemingly it's odd how accurate Todd is with finding someone compatible. But it's difficult to know if those dates are perfect because is it because of the AI matching or because of the AI assistance that is provided to help people these days. It's strange how computers can please us because they truly do know us but unfortunately people use that same information to please or sometimes trick us as well. Then after a few laughs, you both decide to head out to lunch to continue this conversation. Siri has suggested in your ear that a Korean restaurant that is Tina's favorite and that they are having a lunch special. Of course Tina says she loves your suggestion and tells Alexa on her smart watch to order an Uber there. You say please cancel it because Siri already ordered a Waymo and it was on it's way. Well you just didn't tell her that Google already knew that she would love the restaurant based on profile information that she gave you access to a long time ago. Sometimes people forget that everything we want or desire is already known by the AI systems.