If You Do Not Believe Anything is Possible Then Everything is Impossible

A self fulfilling prophecy is when your belief or prediction that causes itself to become true. Your ideas, thoughts and assumptions can either help you or stop your dreams from becoming reality.

A simple thought can change your behavior dramatically. It can either shift you on the path to possible success or completely off the path of possibility. A limiting mindset of believing that you will not or cannot do something will set yourself into inaction toward a path toward failure even when there is a large possibility of success. Possible becomes impossible purely in your mind. Failure happens because there is is not even an attempt. For example, if you do not believe that you will win the lottery, you will never buy a ticket. Although the odds are against you, by believing that you never will, you do not even give yourself a chance. That can happen in a multitude of aspects in life from dating to school to careers to dreams. Self fulfilling prophecies based off scarcity and limitations are the ultimate killer of dreams. A limiting belief can kill every single dream. Every single one; before the dream ever had a chance. Everything becomes impossible.

A popular pitfall is underestimating the probabilities of success. We underestimate ours skills. We overestimate our competition’s skills. We underestimate the opportunities. We underestimate our potential. Every big business started small. Every expert started out knowing nothing. All these assumptions are many times unsupported and unrealistic because our limiting thoughts stop us from even investigating the validity of these assumptions. We live our lives based off unresearched information or social rules or influences social media. From a logical view, the most challenging goals are actually the easiest and least competitive because most people live with limiting thoughts that create a defeatist self fulfilling prophecy. We call theses limiting thoughts, excuses. Excuses prevent failures. But failures are precursors to success not excuses.

How do you solve this? It’s simple. Be like The Little Engine That Could and say “I think I can, I think I can” and you will. Or at least you give yourself a chance. Create a dream fulfilling prophecy by believing the possibilities. Believe in possibilities instead of impossibilities and you will set yourself on a path toward success.