Half Way Through the 30 Day Writing Challenge

First of all, I am way behind. This is my eighth post of the month which puts me now at six post behind. Good news, I have written more this month than the previous ten months put together which is good but not quite a big achievement considering how little that I have written. But I am learning a lot during this process. Not just about writing but also about my place as a writer and teacher. I find that I have to constantly question the clarity and concreteness of my ideas and thoughts. First, I realized that most of the things that I want to write about have been done thus in order for me to add value, I need to first do my due diligence and research. There is no point in duplicating something already out there. I either have to write it from a different perspective or add something more to the discussion; not merely repeat something that has already been said. That brings about a whole new challenge because there are so many smart people adding so much value creating blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos and other media. Creating value takes time and effort. Second, I realized that my thoughts thus my writings are disorganized and not fluid. While I feel my ideas and views bring something new, organizing and articulating them in a easily understandable way adds tremendous value yet that is not easy. After finally creating something of value (finding a diamond), you have to polish it (the diamond is rather rough). There is no point in creating another confusing article; we have enough of them. Creating something that sounds smooth and effortless is also very time consuming and challenging. Third, writing about a topic forces you to know what you do not know and it seems that I do not know much. I can scratch the surface but creating value without completely understanding the fundamentals of a topic first is basically shooting yourself in the foot before the journey begins. I find holes in my understanding of certain topics which could be filled by spending a few hours reading a couple books, watching tutorials or listening to podcasts. Again this takes time and effort. Fourth, this reiterates to me that quality is always better than quantity. One amazing post is a million times better than a hundred average post. In the end, it is not about the number of words that you write but about the number of people that you impact. The key metrics should always be how many lives that you have bettered not how much you have done or money that you have made.