30 Day Challenges

I have been following Matt Cutts for a while when I was doing a lot of SEO work since he was the SEO czar at Google. Since then, he's gone on to help the government at the US Digital Service team. One thing that I loved following were the 30 day challenges where he would challenged himself to do something new or learn something or simply to remove a bad habit. I have done a couple challenges like my unofficially 30 day social media detox. There is research that says it takes 21 day to develop a habit while some studies say 30 or 66 days. But in general, 30 days is at least enough time to figure out if you can stick to something or if you like something. You can watch his video below. Oddly enough, he was motivated by Morgan Spurlock of all people through his show "30 Days" where you lived 30 days in the lives of interesting demographic groups. 

This past month, I decided to make it more official with my first one. Get six pack abs in 30 days. Well there are 31 days in October but seriously I probably need the extra day. I've always wanted a six pack and I've always been in decent shape but never pushed myself far enough to get it. So far, it's been a fun challenge and I'm seeing progress.