Hi. My name is Ed. I'm a Los Angeles based teacher, entrepreneur, and investor. I like to travel, eat and work. Sometimes I play basketball. Currently I do have a real estate business and teach at Cal Poly Pomona. I'm always free to talk about investing, real estate, economics, web, sports, business and nerdy stuff. My goal in life is to make everyone around me better off like John Stockton, the point guard who made Karl Malone look extra good. But don't confuse my kindness for weakness because only people who help themselves and need a little boost need help. I believe that anyone can do something amazing. 

Here's random things about Ed. (In third person now): 

  • Ed buys a lot of books but doesn't get a chance to read them all. 
  • Ed enjoys long car rides because Ed can listen to his podcasts. 
  • Despite taking pictures of food, he is not a foodie. 
  • Ed enjoys documentaries about nerdy things

Last updated 11.22.2017